I need help toggling a list!

I’ve been on Youtube.com and have watched a few videos on the subject from Adalo… but something strange is happening. When I drag a customized list to my page - I deleted the everything except the “Title” because my list will only have one line. However, when I preview my list… the list repeats itself 12 times (as you scroll down) with the checkmark square only next to the first item on each repeated list. Obviously doing something wrong… going a little nuts, can’t figure it out!!! :slight_smile:

It sounds like the icon button is detached from the list. Move it around a bit then drop it on the custom list and it should integrate itself with the list, repeating like everything else. It might take a few tries.

@AThompsonTX in the editor icons will only appear in the First list container. Once you would preview the live version, you’ll see that list (given that you have more than one item) will have the check box in each.

Hi @AThompsonTX,

Are you able to explain the issue from a video?

Thank you

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