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I’m trying to follow the advice found here multiple users on one Database but each user only sees their own content but can’t get it to work. I had it working at one point but somehow messed things up. In the quoted forum post @dilon_perera says a relationship has to be made and I’ve done that:

Then I’ve created a list for viewing the notes. If it’s filtered for ALL NOTES it works fine:

But, of course, that shows all the notes that anyone has created, not the notes of the unique user. If it’s filtered for LOGGED IN USER NOTES, the screen goes blank:

The form for updating the notes is set up as:

The field seems to be in order:

And, as suggested in the quoted topic, I added an automatic field that sets the USER as LOGGED IN USER:

This form works fine when ALL NOTES is selected as the data source but, of course, doesn’t work at all when LOGGED IN USER is the source.

I tried to follow the suggestions carefully but something’s wrong. What am I missing?

Hi @DaBoo,

Did you add Logged in user to the User property on the form that creates the note in the automatically section? Or in the Create action if you are using a custom form?

Is there any user added for that already created notes?

Are you logged in as a user that created the note already?

Thank you

I made an extensive reply and it was flagged for review by Akismet. Fut the Whuk?

I see! Luckily I read the post :wink:

You need the user to not to create notes but they can select the notes and add them from the given notes. Like a favourite system. And then they can edit them too. For editing you need to create another collection and connect that collection to the list instead of the notes collection otherwise everyone’s editing will overlap and not user specific.

Made a quick app : Notes

Check and let me know!

Thank you

Thanks, @dilon_perera: I wish I could whip up a sample app as quickly as that.

Your sample is sort of in the right direction but this is what I’m after:

  1. When a user comes to the NOTES page the first time they find the list is prepopulated with character names and images and the note field is either empty or has some boilerplate text.

  2. When a character’s note is clicked a modal pops up and they can enter new notes or edit existing notes and, with a click of a button, the modal disappears and any additions or edits appear in the list.

  3. There are exactly nine characters and so there will only ever be nine notes.

  4. The only other criteria is that notes should be user-specific.

  5. I actually had all that working before but somehow screwed it up and can’t get back there.

Am I trying to do the impossible?

Am I trying to show some data [Red] to all users then, at the same time, show other data [Blue] from the same entry to only the LOGGED IN USER?

So maybe I only imagined I had it working before?

Would a solution be to create 9 identical pages connected to 9 identical databases, each with its own set of notes filtered for LOGGED IN USER? It seems cumbersome. Is it a ‘best practice?’

So like the users can add new notes for that clicked note. Like sub notes. User clicks the note and they can create and edit sub notes and main note. And they can see the created sub notes too! Correct?

No, not really. I had hoped they could just keep adding to one big note but it has slowly dawned on me that Adalo can’t really do it that way so I’ve decided to go the ‘9 identical pages connected to 9 identical databases’ approach:

It looks okay but it’s a lot of extra work. Thanks for your help, @dilon_perera. I think I couldn’t have figured out those limitations without your input. I find this is my biggest challenge right now, knowing what Adalo can and can’t do without ridiculous workarounds.

Updated the app! Did I got it correctly?

@dilon_perera: Thanks, yeah, it’s kind of halfway between what I wanted and what I finally ended up with. I was hoping to have all the notes [Blue]…

…appear together in the main page field [Red] for that character. Is that called concatenation?

So on the main page you’d have all the notes for character 1 mushed together in the first field; Character 2 in the 2nd one and so on…

I’m happy with what I landed on. I spent days on trying to get it to work and, while I was ultimately not successful, learned a lot.

@DaBoo Updated the app!

That certainly does the trick! I like that all notes are compiled in just one place. It might get a bit unwieldy if students add a lot of notes but typically ESL students aren’t so verbose. You could even create just one note per character and use the ‘pencil’ to add and edit. I might restructure things to follow this pattern.

Yet again, @dilon_perera, hat’s off! :tophat:

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Awesome and Your welcome! And sorry I didn’t made the app as Clonable and now I did it!

No worries. With my newfound knowledge I think I could make that from scratch. [I’ve learned soooo much in just one month.] Nice to have access to a clone though if things go wrong.

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