Fill In Notes in app

Anyone know if it is possible to create an option for users to create fill in notes within their app? Wanting to offer this function if at all possible

Hello Jaronhumiston1. I didn’t get your idea clearly. But if you mean that each user can right notes for themselves, here’s how you do it :
1- Create a new collection called (Notes).
2- Create a relationship between notes and users collection, which each user can have multiple notes and each note belongs to one user.
3- Add a property called “text” in the (Notes) collection.
4- Create a screen with a list component that contains (Logged in user => Notes).
5- Add a button called (Add) that links to the screen in the next step.
4- Create a screen and add an input component.
5- Enable (Multi-line) and scale your component.
6- Add a button called " Save" with an action (Create Note) and set the text property to this input.

And it’s done

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