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Hello everyone!

I’m new to Adalo and I’ve just finished my first app.

I’m reaching out for your help regarding a note-taking functionality. Specifically, I want logged-in users to be able to write their own notes on any screen they visit, (the app contains medical protocols from the ER of the hospital), so it would be great if they could add personal notes below each specific protocol.

The structure includes a text input field, a text label, and a button that should save the input. Ideally, I’d want the text label to display the text that the user wrote in the input field and to keep it there after pressing the save button. The notes should be personal to every user.

I can’t seem to find a way to make it work, even after watching the tutorials. All I can do is display the text in the input field, but not save it so it displays forever.

Thanks in advance guys!

Could you provide any screenshots or screen captures to demonstrate what you’re looking for?

So basically I’m expecting that after I hit the button, the text that I entered in the input field will remain saved and displayed below.

So you want each screen to have a text area that you can input text on? How are you saving the text in your collection?

Thats exactly what I want. Each user should be able to add their own notes to every protocol screen. I can’t seem to find a way to save the input text and to link it to a protocol as well as to a user.

You should simply be able to connect the inputs as a collection with a text and a user to note relationship. You could either categorize the screens in the collection and link each note to a category and user, or you can have multiple collections, one for each screen; i”d recommend the former. If you wish to share your app I could try to take a look at it, but it seems like a rather simple solution that should be easily workable.

I’m trying to set the text label to show as magic text the saved input as note.

The relationships are well set.

You should display it in a list.
List = Notes
Notes sorted by the logged in user’s notes.
Further sorted by the category set (whichever screen that is)
Creating a text field that then displays it is not going to deliver the results you seek.

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You want the note that was written on that particular input to be always there? Is that it?

That’s right. The notes should belong to the user that wrote them and only display for them.

that’s not my point, i think the best way is to make the “Input” a list, a show the filters you want.

It worked! Thanks a lot for the idea!

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Hi again, I managed to make it work, but only for one page. If I drag and drop the components to the rest of the screens, I can’t manage to find a way to make each note specific to the screen it has been added to. Basically the note for a specific screen will appear on all the screens.

you can use a true or false like this:
Note: "La la la la la "
RecordID : 1
Screen1 : True
Screen2 : False

Note: "Ta ta ta "
RecordID : 2
Screen1 : False
Screen2 : True

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