Creating teams and listing team members in forms


Can anyone post step by step to creating teams in Adalo ( not teams managing adalo but within the app ), as in I want to create an HR saas with multiple managers, each manager has his own list of employees.

And then when said manager want to create an evaluation for the employee, he goes to a form, and select one of his employees from the dropdown.

I m not getting straight up answers, pls a step by step would help, I m not a coder, and I believe the app is not as well.

@anon78309838 your answer to a similar question didn’t help, as asking someone to go through hours of tutorials and basics is not practical, I m sorry if I sound frustrated but I am, its a simple thing blocking the entire project.

Shopify didn’t become second to Amazon by referring people to courses, they showed you how to do it, strong community with examples. if Adalo wants to become the 1 no coding app builder, questions like this should be simple to answer and provide steps to do it, create teams, list employees in a form, I tried all type of collections and relationships, its giving me a list alright, but of users such as, I need to see a lit of employees names.

if such feature doesn’t exist, then I think its a must for Adalo to allow us to create real Saas and MVP’s, and monetize them or sell them. otherwise Instagram, twitter, don’t care about those things they are not niches and overcrowded, give templates of saas, HR saas, Project managements saas templates, etc, real stuff that companies and people need. not hicking stuff.

sorry again but I ve been on this for days, youtube, you name it, one says xano, the other says bolean, I just want a form with a list of employees for each manager…

much appreciated

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