Creating a Saas with multi tenants and hiarchy within the app


I think this is super important question lol, I m saying its important because its where Bubble and Weweb basically fail or become very hard, and where Adalo can be the winner on.

so 2 key questions to building web apps and Saas solutions that I can monetize:

  1. I want to build like an HR saas, however, I want within the app, that users with the role managers, can create others users, and message them, and rate them, etc. But users with the role employee, cannot create other users, message, or rate. so example, John Doe is a manager, he logs in, he can create others users and set their roles, and he invites Mark. Mark once logged in, will not be able to create users, or rate their performance, or msg them, etc.Also, say I m John the manager, I want to create a message or evaluation to one of my team members, I want to have a window where I can select from a dropdown, one of my team members, and that dropdown needs to pull from who ever has John as their manager, should be there, not all employees or users of the app. Pls if you can provide a how to, don’t direct me to other documents, this is very important question for a lot of users right now and I did follow the collections, relations etc, but I don’t get it working. so a company can have multiple managers, with each his team with several employees under them.

  2. Now a second important question, is how do you create a multi-tenant solution or saas, where each customer that signs up, has his own database, teams , etc, and becomes automatically the administrator of that company that signs up the first time. each company must have its own users, without being seeing by another business.

Hoping to get straight forward simple examples on how to do this, sorry if I m being too direct, I just don’t like references to courses, and I think it will be useful reference for everyone. reason we are using Adalo is cause we are not developers, so references to things and words that I might not understand doesn’t serve the purpose of Adalo. just a simple step by step to creating a team, having a manager , and a dropdown to select from a team only. Shopify became what it is today because it made things easy for non coders to do business.
Thank you

On point 1, it’s possible to do, one way would be to add a Boolean column to the user called ‘can create users’, if true then the ‘create users’ button can conditionally appear based on it.

On point 2, no new tables can be created but there’s really no need to. When someone signs up, take them through creating the organisation’s record and ensure all records created (like employees) are always related to their respective organisation.

When you get moderately big, consider using something like Xano for a backend.

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Thanks a lot Nick. I m looking to create a simple saas app and put it on autopilot, well what I mean is to allow new businesses to sign up on different plans, automatically on the website. As in chose $2 per user plan, $6 per user plan, etc. I want to get small first on the right foot :slight_smile: , so can I use and setup Xano from the get go to this multi-tenant setup? without me having to manually adjust anything except troubleshoot.

much appreciated

Xano is a higher performing database than Adalos, so you won’t need to be creating new tables every time a business signs up. You’ll use the same table but with foreign keys.

If you don’t already know what normal form is, read into it, this will help your database stay performant.

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Is there a simple way to create this ?

A form with a dropdown list of employees under a certain manager?
And the dropdown be it a list of names, not users as

Seems a simple thing but not getting it right regardless of the type of database collection or relations I create, best I got was list of users with


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