Creating visibility of a component with a button

Is there a way to have a button activate the visibility of a component.

Example, I would like a toggle, switch, or button to activate the visibility of an input field to make it appear, then have the same button make the visibility of that same field hidden again. Is this possible?


  1. Add a text input field and hide it behind a component on your screen so it doesn’t show to the user.
  2. Add your button and give it the action it toggle the input field with Y or N.
  3. Make the component that you want to control visible based on whether the text field has Y or N in it.
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Thank you for the response, Can you explain more about step number 2. Are you saying to add a toggle button and add a true false property? Does changing the input field from Y to N involve toggling true/false property? If that’s the case, can you explain how to do this step by steps. I have tried working with Toggles and True False and I cannot figure them out. Thank you

Hi @emils,

Correct? : Adalo show/hide function - #3 by dilon_perera

Thank you

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