Hide or show textbox based on the toggle/checkbox component

Good day,

I would like to hide a textfield based on condition of the toggle/checkbox value. Currently it seems like you can only hide/show a texfield based on other textfields or datefields.

If there is a different solution to my problem, then please do tell.

Thank you

Hi @gertperdZA,

Toggle works in a way that it connects to some True/False property directly and changes the value of this property immediately.
And then you can have a conditional visibility based on this True/False property :slight_smile:

If you would like to do it without having any DB collection’s property involded, then it’s a different story.
As a workaround - you can create an auxiliary input field (and hide it). Then you change its value with some imitation of toggle (see here for example Small hints: Toggle Imitation)
And along with changing toggle imitations’ visibility, you can change the text field visibility.

Hope this helps.


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