Bug: Import error


I try to import CSV files with data, and it is really ridiculous. I tried up to ten times and every time I have a problem.

I tried:

  1. import not so large file for 400 rows errors - and every time it errors “An unknown error occurred Please reload the page and try again.” And every time it imports only exactly 98 records. Why? Wtf? This becomes really annoying!
  2. then I tried to split files into smaller ones for 90 records. And … nothing happened. The first file was imported successfully, but every next one was the same error. But this time even worse: while during first import was imported 98 records, during after just 3-5?

Could I ask you to help me to import the database?

So if your able to get 90 to import and the final ones fail I would suspect there is something in those last records that is causing it to fail… could be a weird special character, or a bad data format.

Check each of those records, if need be split them into groups of 2-3 and try them, then individually. You will likely end up finding the unique records causing the issue.

Once you do, compare those to records that do import ok and see if you can find something odd.

If you can’t I would recommend submitting the CSV to Adalo Support so they can test it and see if their are error messages on the backend of the server that could shine a light on what is going on.

You can submit a ticket here.

If the CSV does not contain private data you could post it here for people to check. Let us know the few records that fail if you do.

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Yep, the problem was in one single row

Thought it might me… if you could submit that to Adalo so they can maybe improve the import process to help highlight the issue for future users, or tweak the import so it works.

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