Current Data coming from no where

My app is massive, with many menus. But the main 5 pages and its respective menu do not seem work correctly. 3 out of the four pages are just sending “current user” data to one another and I have no idea why. I have gone through and deleted links, moved buttons and disconnected whole pages and Nothing happens.

Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 11.38.41 am

The page should be like:

I don’t even need the user data on this section of the app so I have no idea where this is coming from!

Can someone offer 30 minutes to go through it and help me fix it up? @pford @Experts


The navigation bar is also not consistant with the data it is sending! Why?

As you can see: One is button of the same menu is sending “Current Data” and “Current Org”

While the same navigation bar, but another button is sending the correct data:

This data on this page “Clock Off 2” has only been present because of a list ON this page?? That isn’t meant to happen right?

Hi @Archer ,

Since the linked collections are carried over, it is a good idea to separate the screen that is receiving, even when it looks similar.

Arranging the canvas based on cluster is really helpful for big apps.

If you need coaching and mentoring, you can post at jobs category.

Right so do you think I shouldn’t have the 5 button navigation at the bottom? It’s kind of important for the app. Not sure I am clear on what you mean by separating it, because isn’t the current data still going to run through it?

If those buttons are different in sending collections then yes,

but if they are not by make list, then no.

Yeah so I made the navigation on this “Clock Off 2” page a list with the three collections I want to send (they should be the same three on all 5 of the menu options)

However, for some random reason, the 3rd (which is link to “Employee Roster”) is still sending current user data. And because of this, the 3 necessary data points are not found.

Try replacing navigation bar with custom one.

I used to have a problem with change input value, so I create my own nav bar.

Ah okay I will give that a try

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