My screen has this random Current User data linked

Hey everyone,

I see to have this problem where one of my screens has randomly recieved the “current user” data and I have no idea why it would have gotten that. There are no links that are sending “current user” data, they should just be “current organisation”, “current payrate” and “current account type”

But have a look, you will see that the other pages in the main navigation e.g. “histroy” is sending the current user, however, I have never asked it to send this. I don’t even use the current user data.

The history page should be sending just the three main collections I listed before, just like it sends to every other page in the navigation.

Anyone have ideas to why this would be happening?

Very strange. Is your tab bar accidentally part of a list of users?

Nah there is no list on either of those two pages.

What is weird, is that it was working before, once I deleted the history page and recreated it… But then i come back and its all messed up again will these navigations sending “current users” even though there is no reason for it to do so

Happened to me the same. I solved deleting both the screens (the one which links and the one which needs data) and creating them again… I don’t know what’s the cause actually

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