Current Data not passed to next Screen

I have a list from a collection and I’m sending the current data of a single record to next screen, but on getting to the next screen the current data is not accessible i.e not displayed in the dropdown of the T* symbol

What does it say when you click the screen under “Available Data”?

I just checked now and the whole dashboard has gone blank it keeps showing loading, it’s been like this for over 5 minutes now i checked available data earlier and no data was linked to the screen.

Hi @kore,

Most common problem with not available data on the next screen - is when this screen “receives” connections from 2 or more different screens, and the required data is not present on all of these screens. As @Michael has posted, this will be seen under “Available Data” section for a screen: you’ll see “missing data” info.

Second common problem is when one links wrong component to the next screen. This is usually happens by mistake, when some component seems to be inside the list, but actually is not there. I don’t think this is your case though - you’re attaching the action to the rectangle, which is definitely inside the list.


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