Current Device Location in Magic Text

I see a new menu in magic text.

But only for newly created apps, older apps doesn’t have this.

Anyone seeing this ?

Interesting Yongki! I created a new test app but I don’t see that!

Is it possible to attach a screenshot of what you see?

if you check with your last created app, does it show up ?


I will check again and let you know!

Seems like Location features are coming very soon!

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I don’t see that Yongki, unfortunately! Do you still see that? Once you refresh the tab do you still see that?

Does others see this?

No, but im Happy to see this

This is a new addition to adalo, the location feature is here, i can tell that it’s amazing and i have tested it. if you don’t have it, you’ll soon


Wow! So cool! Keep it up Adalo Team!

Jimmy is that the only one is new?

There are a lot more related to the location, adalo has prepared a guide for it…

Hi there,

This is a limited beta release of new Location features for some Adalo users. It is a whole set of new features, including new property type (which you see now), address autocomplete, list filtering, inputs, etc etc etc.

How to join - I guess that it will be better to ask questions to @joshjohnson :slight_smile:



We are primarily letting our Adalo Experts test the geolocation features so we can add some final touches before public launch. If you are an Expert and don’t have access, shoot me a DM and I’ll send you a form to fill out for beta access.