📣 Community Update - March 2022

Hey y’all :wave:

This is our March Community Update. My plan is to update you on what’s going on at Adalo each month. You can expect to learn what we’ve shipped, what we’ve fixed, who we’ve hired, and much more.

:construction_worker_man: We Hired a Senior Software Engineer

First off, we hired Jose, a Senior Software Engineer coming to us from Mexico! He started coding when he was 13 and has been typing away for 14 years. He’s worked at small companies, startups, and big companies like Pfizer, Amazon, and Upstack. In his spare time, he loves to play chess. He’ll be working as a full-stack engineer at Adalo, and is passionate about the future of no-code.

:classical_building: Town Hall

David and I had a conversation on no-code and the future of Adalo. We talked about Adalo’s vision, our short and long-term roadmap for 2022, Component Marketplace 2.0, location, versioning, performance, web apps, project “Ready-Made”, Adalo App Academy, Experts, and pricing. Check it out!

:moneybag: Component Marketplace 2.0

We launched the new and improved Component Marketplace! It came with over 25 new premium components to make your Adalo app slicker, faster, and better than ever before. In addition to all the new components, you can use filters to find free or premium components, support third-party developers, and see demos of the components before buying them. If you’re a developer and interested in selling components, reach out to us.

:world_map: Location

We have been making substantial progress on the location features, and it will be launching soon! Everything is coming together. You’ll be able to create location properties in your collections, then add a form to your app to either search for a location or grab the device’s location, and then save it to your collection. You’ll also be able to do this with a standalone component outside a form. Then you can create a list of locations and filter your list based on your distance to each location. You’ll also be able to implement location-based searching, so your user only sees the nearest locations first. There are so many other amazing things that are coming to the location feature, and we can’t wait to launch this and see what y’all make with it.

:mortar_board: Adalo App Academy Coming in May

Adalo App Academy work is underway! We’ve been busy uploading content and forming courses to help aid you on your journey as a maker. If we want to usher in a new era of software development (aka no-code :wink:) where anyone can build the digital tools they need to solve problems in their communities and companies, then the world needs to be educated on how software and apps work. That is why we are building the App Academy. The plan is to launch in the middle of May. If you are a content creator and want to make a course around building in Adalo, or maybe you’re an Expert and want to show others how to build a freelance business, shoot me a DM and we can discuss the next steps.

:zap: Quick Highlights

Here are several quick highlights from our changelog. First, when searching in a collection in the editor, you did not have the ability to search by a number property, boolean property, or date property. Now, if one of those properties is the first property in the collection, you can use the search to find the record you’re looking for. Second, we updated how Adalo displays billing information. The “Team & Billing” screen now displays the subscription end date when makers move to our free plan. Last, when people would put in a coupon code, they weren’t sure if it applied. So, we have improved the subscription purchase flow to correctly show any discounts or coupons and how they affect your total.

:lady_beetle: Bug Fixes:

:alarm_clock: Support Tickets

Our average ticket first response time during business hours over the past 30 days is 2.9 hours. Our average customer satisfaction score is 5.6/7.

Thanks for reading! Which premium component is your favorite? Also, how are you planning on using location? Leave me a comment below :point_down:

:clinking_glasses: Cheers,

Jesse Haywood
:bird: @social_haywood


Very cool, amazing job.
Thank you


The Adalo team is to be congratulated. We from Latin America are Adalo, we love what Adalo is doing, even though it is a huge challenge. Some years it was not possible for an ordinary person who doesn’t know how to code to get his idea off paper. We know this is the beginning! Gratitude :pray::brazil:


@jessehaywood I plan on using location in an app that allows people to be their own “Uber/Doordash/Instacart” business. This requires the user to have specific credentials given by a government agency in order to perform such tasks and would require the same permission from the government agencies in order to purchase

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City hall summary in Portuguese.


So cool, Paulo! Thanks for doing that.

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Thank you! :slight_smile: I launched my first app a week ago and already have over 1000 active users, so thanks for Adalo and this community. :slight_smile:

That’s awesome! What is your app?

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Hi! It’s Finnish job board app for nurses. I am 25yr old nurse so I knew it would be a great app so the app got over 1000 register users in a week.


Thanks for the update! Wonderful Job!
You share bug fix “🐞 Bug Fix: Date Pickers In Forms Give Invalid Dates On Safari | Adalo Changelog” however I am still encountering. Really Aprreciate help in addressing it. Critical for my App launch.

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Are you bringing functionality to use the device Alarm ?

Any news regarding release of GPS ?

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