🚀 Just Launched: Geolocation

It’s here! Our most requested feature is here!!

If you ever wanted the people using your app to use their device location and find… say, a restaurant nearby, or track a delivery – we’ve heard you!

In fact, we’ve heard all one thousand, two hundred and ninety two of you! (Yep – that’s how many upvotes this got on our feature requests page!)

Say hello to GEOLOCATION! :earth_africa:

Your Adalo app can now track device location, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

But did you know that it’s not just one little feature, it’s ELEVEN incredible, powerful new features that work together to make geolocation possible :raised_hands:

  1. New property type for location with new displays! :heart_eyes:
    Find out more: https://help.adalo.com/database/locat…

  2. Search & auto-complete locations directly inside a collection! :airplane:
    Need help? https://help.adalo.com/database/locat…

  3. Automatically add location type via forms (without multiple property types!) :trophy:
    Find out more: https://help.adalo.com/database/locat…

  4. Standalone search component for searching or submitting! :mag_right:
    Find out more: https://help.adalo.com/database/locat…

  5. Get User’s Device Location + Add Action Anywhere :earth_africa:
    Learn more: https://help.adalo.com/database/locat…

  6. Search by location + get results by proximity! :red_car: That way, you can find popular places near you or your users.
    Learn more: https://help.adalo.com/database/locat…

  7. Upload a CSV of location information :heavy_check_mark:
    Learn more: https://help.adalo.com/database/location

  8. You can use Location with our Map Component! :round_pushpin:
    Know more: https://help.adalo.com/database/locat…

  9. Filter lists by location! :cool:
    Learn more: https://help.adalo.com/database/locat…

  10. Sort lists by proximity! :pushpin: This way you can find what’s closest to you.
    Learn more: https://help.adalo.com/database/locat…

  11. Use location in visibility rules to show the right user the right information! :white_check_mark:
    Find out more: https://help.adalo.com/database/locat…

So, what can your Adalo app do with geolocation? Glad you asked! :airplane:
:white_check_mark: Your food ordering app can find restaurants nearby
:white_check_mark: Your hotel booking app can locate places to stay
:white_check_mark: Your marketplace app can check if someone is within delivery range

We’re incredibly proud of the work that has gone into bringing this feature to life, and we’re even more excited to see what you build with it.

Our makers have always inspired us with the awesome stuff they create, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store with this new feature!

*Geolocation is available to anyone on the Pro or Business Adalo Plans!


How are y’all planning on using location?

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Now Adalo Makers :

Now Adalo Team :


That looks amazing! Well done Adalo team :smiley:


Now we will have to learn about the google api and its costs hahaha it’s a world lol! trying to understand their costs, what are the plans and all that!


I am definitely not the expert there. Patrick wrote our help docs for location. I don’t want to pull people away from their work, but @pford, can you offer a little insight here? Or maybe point the thread in the best direction if you have any valuable links about Google API.


You’re in luck! @pford actually created a doc with this exact concern in mind. Check it out!

Estimating Google Location API usage


Yes we have a full document on Google API pricing and estimating your usage actually! Estimating Google API Usage - Adalo Resources


It would be great… from what I see is that when you create your account they give you 200 dls of monthly credit that is equivalent to 28500 maploads (I don’t know what it is, but it must be every time the map loads the information that the app gives it) .

I see that there are many things to read about the api.

For most apps under probably 3000 users or so, it’s highly probable that you will never exceed the $200/month allowance although we will be trying to collect more concrete data on this in the future to aid in estimating an app’s API usage.



How can I mark a location on the map and get the coordinates?


… with this new Google component… is there the possibility of updating the user’s location like the one in without the user having to do any action? pragmaflowservers? for example for a shipping service, to see when the client arrives, etc.

and … Why don’t I get the name of the address and it appears like this?

Uploading: 425aef2b5d78679a4a4c0d7f07f3c7c60cee5ed5_2_690x387.png…

I think you can do that with the countdown adding the Update user location action! Or maybe as a screen action!

What is the address you are trying to get? Try adding other properties like Name or Street Address!


If I do an action on the screen, that means that if the user does not enter that screen, their location is not updated, right? or update it without entering?

and how would it be with the countdown? Would it only activate if you enter the page too?

and with the second question: what I put is to update user>current device location (it does not allow me to save street name, it is only that option)


But I guess that if you add Current Device Location from magic text to display you doesn’t need to worry about updating the property in the User collection because I believe it’s changing when the device location changed in that device and later on you can update it inside the app! Maybe someone from Adalo Team can confirm that?

But you can format it when you are displaying that in the text component!

great I’m going to do the test with the countdown and the tmagic text

Thanks I’ll be testing

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This marks coordinates on the map, but how can I let users choose a location on the map and get the coordinates back?

You can add the new location property on the collection that map is connected and create some records with filling the location property with locations and then in the map click action you can add a create , update action to store that clicked location coordinates! And you can link to a new screen ( like modal ) and add a text component there and add current location ( collection name ) > location ( location property ) > and add the coordinates.

And also there’s a component called Location Input that you can search locations and you can add a text component and from magic text you can add Other Components>Location input>and you can add the coordinates! You can add the same with magic text on the map marker address!

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There is no possibility to display the distance between the position of the device and the direction address?