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I have two screens, the event list screen and the screen that shows event data.
I made the link from the list screen to the event screen, however, after a while, the option to select information about the “current event” stopped appearing for me.
Has anyone gone through this and can tell me what happened for Adalo to stop showing me the current event information?

You probably created a new link to the screen showing the event data from another page. All inbound links must hold that same data, otherwise it will no longer be available.

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That might have happened. Our! I thought that in this case it would add the information instead of subtracting it.

This platform is very good for us to put our app ideas. Unfortunately it will not be possible to publish my project through it, as it is an app for more than 20,000 users and the last one I did was slow and crashing the app after 400 users.

Thank you my friend!

It appears like this for me:

“Missing from team_listing, team_rules”

Does this mean that I should unlink these lists to the screen in question?

Yes it means those two screens are linking without current event data, so removing those links should fix it

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It helped me a lot, my friend. Thank you very much! This was an old question.

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So here’s the super weird thing about Adalo.

Contrary to all the help articles and tutorials, it says if multiple screens point to one screen, then the data available gets lost. It actually still works, the Adalo UI however doesn’t let you target through magic text.

The workaround is…

  • You can still have multiple screens pointing to one screen
  • Remove the connection from one of the screens so there is only one - setup all your magic text, lists, etc.
  • Reconnect the second screen and it will all still work

You can also

  • just place the element on the parent screen and setup the magic text, then copy the element onto the new screen and it will link up

Here are some screenshots showing this…

You can see I have over 5 pages linking into this details page.
You can see it says data is not available
You can also see the data is actually available, I just add it with just one page linked, then link the others up late.

Screenshot 2023-06-19 at 2.41.15 PM
Screenshot 2023-06-19 at 2.41.03 PM

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