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hello everybody,

I am new to Adalo and I have some doubts regarding the variables between screens. I am having problems with the Available Data as it does not update when I link to it from other screens, sometimes I have even had to redo the screen completely for it to update, but it still gives me problems and does not update the variables in memory. I have tried changing the browser from Chrome to Firefox but I notice that it is a problem of Adalo, so I consult you:

What do you recommend me to solve my problem of updating “available data” in Adalo’s memory?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @gonza,

Are you able show your setup and this behavior with a video? ( You can use Loom )

Thank you

Thanks for your help dilon_perera, I leave the video as you mention in the following link. (my english is not very good but i try to explain it)

In the video I try to explain to you that I am losing the list of “Tittle” on the screens that I need to later save their value with the interaction of a button.

In this button I save the value of two lists in memory, the “Music” and “Tittle” list, but I can’t get the “Tittle” list because its value doesn’t reach the screen’s memory.

I am doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Gonzalo,

On your home screen the current title data is missing and to make that data available in that screen you need to delete the link actions from the mentioned screens in the message of available data section.

Patrick explains this issue well here! : Adalo Tutorial: Most Common Mistakes - Current Data Missing From Screen, Data Loops and Flow Breaks - YouTube , Adalo Tutorial: Most Common Mistakes - Current Data Not Available On a Screen - YouTube

If you like you can give access for this email ( ) and I’ll try to fix it!

Thank you

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Hello Dilon, thank you for your answer and your time in helping me. I am watching the video to understand, it costs me a bit, while I have given you access as you comment.

Thank you very much Dilon!!


Gonzalo, You have given me access for your team. But you need to give access for your app. View your app and then click on the settings icon on the left side and go to app access section and add the email. ( )

Ok ready Dilon! thanks you in advance!

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