Current position in map & click info marker help pls 🙏

Can someone save my life :slight_smile: ??
I have to make a map which geolocates the user (current position) and he must see the multiple markers around him.
Basically it is geolocated and it can obtain information by clicking on a marker.
Is it possible ?
Is it also possible to click on a marker and get info?
Thank you in advance the Adalo team :star_struck:

Hi Mehdi,

What information are you looking to ‘get’ from a marker, is it information that YOU want to populate to show a user or information from google maps.


Hello crmorris2,
yes I want to display information that will be saved in the database (user information type address name telephone etc …)
Basically I want when the map is displayed I be geolaclized and then I can see the multiple markers that will be around my position.
A bit like an uber eat delivery guy who goes online and sees the partner restaurants around him …
Thank you in advance for your help !

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This is what I would do and hope it works for you. The screenshots are just for example but your design can be anything.

Create a custom list of users below your map…

Drag the box to match the size of your first record and set the list to only show 1 item…


Add an input field anywhere on the page (as seen in the screenshot above) and name it ‘email input’. The idea is to make this an invisible field which you can do by setting the background, border and text colours to transparent and set the font size to 0 (it is visible in my example just so you can see it).

Now in your map, add the settings to show all users…

and set the markers to show based on the user postcode. Then add an action that adds the current user email to the invisible input (this happens when someone clicks the marker)…

Now on your user list, set the filter to only show the user who’s email is in the invisble input field…


This will now only show the user that you click on the marker.

If you want your location to show, then you can see everyone around you, you can click on the map style and then make sure ‘show current location’ is selected.


If this helps then please mark as the solution. Let me know if you have any other questions.



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