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Hey everyone,

I have a question regarding of showing the address of the users input.

As you can see from the screenshot, I have created a form to collect users information and update the Users db.

What I would like to achieve is, when the user types in their address, I would like the ability to show the address while typing and on the map.

I have generated my API key and added into the section requested by Adalo.

But I am struggling with the section to show the map location with a single marker.

Any help is highly appriciated.


Here’s another screenshot on how I structured my form Submit button.

When clicked to continue,

  1. Update the Neighborhood on the logged in users file
  2. Create a new entry in the Neighborhood database
  3. Go to the next designated page.

Please do let me know if you see any mistakes that I need to adjust.

I did add a new relation to my database under Neighborhood. ( Many-to-one)


Changed the submit buttons details

Hi @serkanyerdan either method you have used will work fine for displaying that location on the map (If it is a recognised location by Google).

However, please make sure that if you use the direct record within the user collection that all records for users do have a neighbourhood property on that record. Otherwise nothing will display. Likewise with the relational property, make sure that a user is attached to that record, or again, nothing is there for the map to display.

I hope this helps. You have the set up right for the component, you may just be missing data in your database to display for that logged in user.

Hey @anon78309838

Thank you very much for your quick response.

At the moment my db is set like this. When I preview and edit information, it creates the users, adds the information to the file and updates both databases (Relation field staying empty for some reason). However, the map doesn’t show the location that the user typed.

That is because there are 0 records in those collections as I see it from the screenshots. So there is no information for the map to display.

Please create a user record, login as that user. Make sure you have submitted a neighbourhood for that user and then load the map and it should work.

Gotcha! Thanks very much @anon78309838 :slight_smile:

Seems like I may build this the wrong way because I use this section just for Sign-Up. ( the user will do this once when they are signing up for the platform)

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Any idea how I can do this at the sign-up or should I re-route the user after they complete sign-up and see them as logged in user? @anon78309838

Just add the Neighbourhood field in the signup form. (Click on the signup form, go to “fields” -> “Add visible field”.

Thanks again @anon78309838. So sorry if I keep asking many question but I appreciate your help. I have been trying to figure out Adalo for a week now and feeling more and more confident everyday.

As you said, I have added a Visible field and it does work on the database side. However, showing the marker is not working still. Maybe I am doing something wrong with choosing where the marker will come from?

Thanks @anon78309838 for all the help.

I have figured another solution to use the map!


Glad you have it working! :+1:

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