Show map with current position of all users

Hey there, I want to create a private social media app that shows the current location of all the users i.e. if a user logs in to the app the address is updated and shown to all users in the app.

I have found the Google Maps component and believe that I could make it work with hard coded addresses (-> separate address column in the user table & multiple markers), but I don’t know how to update the addresses in the database to the current location of each user.

Any ideas?


Check the @Mitch-Pragmaflow geoloc component :wink:

Thanks for the quick answer. I shared the developer token, pressed install, but cannot find the new component now. Where is it stored? Also: is it not possible to use Adalo Map feature directly? Thanks again!

You should find it in the private section

Fantastic. Thank you!

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Готов подключиться к проекту

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