Custom action has stopped working

In my app, I’m displaying the image by getting the url from uploading the image to cloudinary.

But recently, the custom action for connecting to cloudinary has stopped working.

Is it because the specifications of adalo have changed?

Is it access denial to adalo on the cloudinary side?

Please let me know if there is a solution or alternative!

Hi @yyamasita,

It’s difficult to debug custom actions in Adalo. Did you try to run this action manually (for instance, from Postman) and see what happens?
Also did you check Cloudinary logs if they show something?

Best regards, Victor.

Thank you for reply.

I will study how to check manually.

In the first place, I think that people who use adalo are often not engineers.
We pay for the service instead of not being able to do the difficult things.

It is very troublesome to be unable to do what was done.

Dear @yyamasita,

I fully understand your frustration when something doesn’t work as expected (or as worked before).

Please keep in mind though that this forum provide community support and people who post here are not paid for their answers :wink:
You open a support request by submitting a ticket to Adalo here: Submit a Support Ticket.

As for your exact problem (you say that custom action stopped working), if I had it, I would do the following:

  • check custom action in Adalo by running it in the app builder. See if the results of actions are successful or not and what is returned by Cloudinary.
  • if custom action doesn’t work in Adalo and Cloudinary return some error - see what is written there and check Cloudinary documents.
  • try to simulate the request to Cloudinary from 3rd party software like Postman and see if it works or not.
  • the most difficult part will be when Adalo custom action works ok, but image isn’t uploaded in the app itself (from app preview, for example). The most common case is malformed JSON in a custom action - for example, some parameters are missing. This requires case-by-case investigation.

Best regards, Victor.

Thank you for your reply.

I thought you were a person inside adalo, so I replied like a complaint. I’m sorry if I made a mistake.

I don’t know what to write here, but sending a support ticket to adalo is almost ignored. I understand that it is operated by a small number of people, but I would like some reply.

For example, the reply may be “Give up because it is impossible”.

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