Custom Actions Not Available Anymore?

Is anyone else having issues with Custom Actions?

Custom Actions that were working fine no longer work, and I cannot pull data from the action as its no longer visible from the magic text list?

I have checked all my apps, and there’s a rearrangement in magic text in adalo but there’s no where now to pull the returned data from custom APIs? Anyone else with the same issue?

Hey Keith,

This is related to a release yesterday, the devs are actively looking into it and should have a fix very soon. :slight_smile:

Hey all,

James is correct. This was related to a release from yesterday.

To be clear, existing Custom Action Outputs were still working, but the problem was in the code that generates the list of things you can pick in the flyouts.

I used the past tense above because the fix has been shipped! Make sure to refresh your browser, and you should see the Custom Action Outputs available again in the flyouts.

Please let us know if you see any other problems!

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Thanks Jake. You are right, my issue with the custom action upload is a separate issue related to the 3rd party API. The flyouts are now working and selectable. Thank you for the quick reply, much appreciated.

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