Is API down ? suddenly all my app APIs not working!

Hello, anyone else is facing an issue with the API calls? I can make an API call from the editor while try to edit, but it is not working from my apps!!!

Hmm yep appears I have the same issue

I have a big problem with custom actions, these are not working at the moment…
@Adalo_CXTeam @adalojosh

I am checking the status page and nothing there, since 2 hours I am checking everything and no other reason for the problem other that its from Adalo’s end , @Adalo_CXTeam please check, I have submited a ticket already

I just sent a ticket but I have no email confirmation…

Adalo Team please respond, my business got screwed already :melting_face:

Thanks for flagging this, we are currently taking a look at this internally and will share an update as soon as there’s any!

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also not working for me fyi

The Adalo team have identified the issue and are deploying a fix now.

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Thanks for your patience everyone!

We just deployed a fix, could you please take a look now at your apps and let us know if you are still facing the issue?

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works for me!

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it is working again, thanks
but please why it was not showing on the status page, this is the second time within 10 days where we find a big issue and it is not there on status page, this is very critical so we can know when there is an issue not to be lost in the dark like this !


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