Custom action: very strange behaviour with large amount of text input

I am running into some very strange behavior i hop there is someone of you out there to help me :slight_smile:

Here is a video that explains below: Automation - Google Chrome 2023-07-26 20-15-18.mp4

What am i trying to do:

I have two custom actions in the same button:

  • first is that will let ChatGPT create a blogpost of around 400 words, based on subject en key-word, this is succesful
  • Second custom action is a post in wordpress to post the blogpost. This works fine too also with magic text.

But here the issue comes, and i have tried several things but i can’t find the solution…

When Chat GPT respons with a small answer like below: “This is a test” the second custom action works fine an it creates a blogpost with “This is a test” as the blogpost content.

When I let Chat GPT create an answer of around 400 words, the response is still there. I am able to save this into a collection, or change an input response field to show the answer in screen for a user.

Response from ChatGPT:

But when I try to use this text as magic text within the input field for the blogpost item it doesn’t work…
see blow how it is connected.

The strange thing is that if the answer of Chatgpt is small like “This is a test” it all works fine. But when the text is large the magic text option doesn’t work.

What i though that might be the issue is the amount of text into the blogpost field. So what I did is that copied the 400 word text and pasted this hard in there. When I ran the custom action it did work with the following result:

This is from the input field for the Custom Action, i’ve also tried this within the custom action by copying the Chat GPT response into there too. This also works fine. This means that the blogpost custom action if able to process the amount of text.

I did test the same with the default AskChatGPT custom action, same result.

Conclusion & Question
How does it come that a small response form ChatGPT can be processed as magic text into my custom action for creating a blogpost and a large response doesn’t allow the custom action to run?

It can be easily replicated by letting chat GPT create a text of 400 words (i tried 200 but got the same issue) and see if you can use this as magic text for some other custom action.

KR Bram

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