Magic Text Giving Wrong Type: Custom Actions

I created a custom action, which I want to send a text URL via HTTP request.

However, when I try to populate the URL text field using “Magic Text”, it only shows me numbers from my collections. For example, this is my Outfit Collect, which only shows counts, which is a “Numbers” type. In fact, All of the collections only give me the option to select “Count”.

But, in my “Numbers” Collection, I have included a text field “URL”.


Do we know why we can’t select text fields from our collections when using Magic Text for Custom Actions?

Hi Philing,

Could you take a screenshot of the success message after testing the custom action so we can see if any magic text was returned in the response? It should say something like “Test Successful”.

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Hi @James_App_Maker , I appreciate the help! Here is the success screen shot.

No problem, I’m glad I can help :slight_smile:

When you click “add item” does it show “URL”?

It shows “Nothing Avaliable”.

That does bring up a good point, since I want to take data FROM the Collections TO the http request (which is what I’m trying to do now), as well as FROM the request response TO the Collections (which it sounds like what ADD ITEM is for).

What is your use case for this?

Well, I want to upload images from Adalo (sending the URL that Adalo uses during the file/image upload to store the image) to an S3 bucket by sending that URL to an AWS Lambda function, which stores that to an S3 bucket. I know there are 3rd party services that could do that, but I wanted to first try to use this since it doesn’t require 3rd party services.

For example, the URL that Adalo has used to store one of our images begins with:… I would like to send something like that, so that the Lambda function can read the image.

Are you trying to get data from the “Outfits” collection?

Yes, that’s right. When we upload an outfit to the Outfit Collection, we save the URL to the image that Adalo uses to store the image. Then, we send that URL to AWS Lambda. So, there is a URL Text field in the Outfit Collection.

Oh, ok!

Basically, you would want to have list of urls in the “outfits” collection, then make the API request on the list click actions. Then, for the magic text in the custom action, you should see a “current outfits” fly out.

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Cool, let me give that a shot and get back on that.

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Let me know if you need any more help. :slightly_smiling_face:

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