Magic text in custom action

I have a text input field and a button. I am trying to send the text input field using custom action for the button. But the magic text in custom action is blank.
I even tried with the Input on the right but there is no magic text options for the text value.
Can someone please help me with this?

Hi @Hemanth28,

Could you please share the screenshots how does it look like?
Also, how did you set up the custom action itself? Did you add the inputs to your custom action (like here: Custom Actions - Adalo Resources, select “In-Depth”, look at point 13).


Hey Victor,
Thank you very much for the response,I figured it out and i added the inputs as described in point 13. It can be used as a place holder, so allocated its value with a magic text outside.
i have attached the screen shot on magic text allocation.
custom action-outside

Warm Regards
Hemanth Kumar K


Glad you’ve made it working!