Custom Action when "user enters the screen"

Is there a reason why magic text is not available when you run a custom action when the user enters the screen but does when you click a button?

I would love to be able to look something up when a user goes to a page and display/get the result and do something with it.

Hi @ncmarc,

I’m not sure what you are referring too as I can use magic text :point_down:


Can you please share a picture?

Did you correctly set up your data items?

Yes, for example this (all test data):

You can see what it returns:

So why cant I use the variable “totalnotifications” to update some text:

But if I use a button to trigger the action instead, then I can grab that data. I feel like I am not understanding something.

Thanks for the screenshots, I haven’t yet seen this bug, did you set up your Custom Action with Create?

I’ll try this tomorrow, and see if I have the same bug…

I found a solution for now. Adalo support confirmed this is not possible.

I was able to get around the issue for now by using the countdown element (made invisible) and run the custom action once the countdown is complete, then it updates the the database. I wasn’t able to do it on a “previous” page because it’s the home page and the user would be getting there from a Push-Notification. (Since we can’t direct users to specific pages from a push notification).

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