HELP! Magic Text not working!

Hi everyone,

I’m running a custom action in Adalo and to do that I pull in data through magic texts as is the norm but for a particular field, Im unable to do this and the action wont run properly until I manually enter the data.

Can anyone help please, it’s super important.

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Hey @Tami

It would help a lot if you could provide more information and screenshots.

Simply saying “it doesn’t work” doesn’t explain the problem very well.

Be as detailed as possible so that we can understand what’s happening.

@Flawless alright, let me explain better.

I’m running a custom action to send money to users. To do that I’ve added all the necessary inputs as seen in the payload below:


All the inputs are text except the incoming USDT amount which is a number. I then added all the appropriate values for each of the inputs with Magic Text. See a snippet below:


However when I use the Magic Text feature for the Bank code input, the custom action fails to run. I have changed it to be a number input to see if that was the issue but it doesn’t work either. The only thing that works is when I type it out manually as seen in the picture.

Unfortunately, this is not a solution as each user has a different bank code that needs to be used.

I hope this is more explanatory.

Sweet, thanks for the info.

I see what’s happening.

You have “Bank code” as a text parameter, switch it to a number parameter.

Custom actions are very picky about where the quotation marks go within the body response JSON.

Anytime you have a text parameter, it requires " " around the text. Numbers require no quotation marks.


I switched it to a number parameter and it still didn’t work unfortunately.

Another issue with the number parameter even is that it removes the zeroes in front of the bank codes which are needed to run this particular API.

If it requires the leading zeroes, you’ll need to add another custom action API call before the current action you’re creating.

“String API > Padding” is the way to do it. (

You’ll need to sign up at Abracadalo and this API does require a paid subscription.

Add a custom action with this API and use the result as the bank code parameter for the custom action.

Thank you. I sorted out a way to add the zeroes to the bank codes but for some reason the custom action doesn’t run properly unless the bank code is typed out.

How’d you do it?

And can you show the action now that you’ve made changes please.

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