Custom action working, stuck on front end functionality

Hi everyone. I’ve read a ton of these help responses and can’t figure it out what I’m doing wrong?

Similar to the @pford giphy video, I’ve set up a custom action. With dynamic search. And gotten back a successful test confirmation.

The screen shot directly above shows 53 results returned. So I created an Adalo native database to verify the search works & store the search data. But the Adalo database only pulls in one result.

How do I collect all of the results so that I can put them in a list on the front end?

Just read a response from @Victor about the bracket placement for the results array. It seems like I’ll need another solution based on what the API returns.

Anyone see something I don’t?

Hi Jordan,

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I think you need a External collection for this.

My attempt. ( At the end of the video something went wrong with computer. Sorry for that!)

Thank you

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Wow @dilon_perera !! Thank you. You made a few small but key changes to what I tried, and now it works. For example in the external db set up you used “Authorization” on the top line & Bearer <> on the second line. I really appreciate the help!

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Hi @jordan,

It’s not about brackets - in my other post I showed there were no unique IDs for array elements.
In the response you show there is a unique ID :slight_smile:


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