Custom Actions data without saving to db?

Can i use custom actions to display data without saving it? i want to show weather forecast when you go to a page but don’t want to save all the data just display?

Hi @rjp – Have you tried the following? This was recently released to achieve just this.

I saw that already, but after following it all i could do was store information to a table and reuse. I will look again maybe i missed something?

These are called “page variables” and Adalo doesn’t have a native way to support these currently. I have been using a workaround where I create multiple input fields on the page, and set them with impossible visibility conditions, or make them 0% opacity background and text. Then add an action after your custom action using the “change input value” to take returned data from the action, and add it to these hidden fields. You can then use those inputs fields via magic text in any text field on that page.

*** If you want those fields to clear after the user leaves the page. Be sure to add actions to the back arrow, or any link out buttons to “change input value” on those same fields to empty.


Excellent workaround @ben1

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