Custom Actions Data Response Not Avaliable in FLYOUTS

Hello, Adalo community!

Seems that again there is a problem in Adalo database with Custom Action Flyouts!

New Custom Actions have same problem as it was before: You can not get and use custom action response as a magic text, because there are no Flyouts when you press on CustomAction Name.

Custom Action works perfectly and correctly returns the data, but I can not save it to the database :((

Hope that could be fixed soon!
Adalo we need attention! Please, fix that! Thanks!

Do you have a screenshot of the custom action response (when you test and set it up)?

Sure! but the problem is I can not use response later to save it to database because there are no flyouts.

The field you are trying to enter the data into is a number field, but your response items from the API are text fields.


Wow, Thanks! I did not notice that! My bad!

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