Custom actions error

I am trying to setup a custom action. I have entered the header and query information per the guide video tutorial from Abracadalo. I am getting an error message when testing "missing medium parameter. Here are some screenshots of the error and my medium info entered in query section. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?


Hi @shonesto,

It should be medium and not Medium. Try changing that!

Thank you

That worked I think. It says successful but it does show success false. What does that mean? Am I missing something?

Based on the Docs :

I think you should get true but maybe you have done something wrongly. Is it possible to add some screenshots?

Tagging @Abracadalo which they can help here! Also @Flawless because he uses this Notification API!

Here are some screenshots of my current custom action setup.


Hello @shonesto,

Have you set up your Twilio account and added the credentials in the Abracadalo dashboard?

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Also for the message’s value you can add the alert input from magic text.

Also you can create a number input for number and then add that number inside the input and add that input inside to’s value from magic text.

Then it’s dynamic and inside the app you can change the value or add a value from magic text.

Edit :- I have updated your post to hide to the API Key. So it’s not public :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes that has been done

I added the number and used the magic text to select it. voila !!! it worked. You are the bomb. Next step, Getting this to work inside my app… Thanks again. As per normal, you guys are quick to respond and make learning app a development a real joy

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Awesome! Wishing you the best of luck Steve!

Okay not having much luck. Maybe it’s because I don’t quite grasp the flow here.
I am trying to send an sms to any user that has signed up (not just logged in users) when the current user has intered a license plate number that if exists in the users database then that user should be sent the notification that is selected from the dropdown by the current user. Here are some screenshots of what i see currently. Look forward to your input,

I should also add that the Submit button in only visible if the user inut of license plate exists in the users database.

okay then, I just realized most of the heavy work is done where the comparison of user input to user database is already done so all that is left is to get the app use the phone number associated with that plate and send the sms.

Hello @shonesto

Is your goal to send multiple sms? Can you send us the link of the app or explain us better the user flow and how the app is working?

Thank you,
The Abracadalo Team

Here is the link for preview Road Sam
The goal is to send a single sms to the user associated with the license plate number is the user database. It will send the alert chosen from the dropdown selected

You don’t need to make the action conditional. You can add this action and fill the inputs with magic text. Add this action inside the list and not in the list. So once you click on the Components section on the button with the list you will see a component for button and then click it and then you will see the settings for the button and in there add this custom action!

And also in your custom action you didn’t add the to field ( number ) as a input. If you didn’t make that as a input then every time the sms will go to the added number in the custom action setup.

To edit this once you add the custom action to the button click the pencil icon in the action and you will see the custom action setup 1st part. Then click NEXT and then in the 2nd step where you are adding all the details in the to query-parameter copy the number that you have entered and then create a new number input and add copied number as a test value and then in to query - parameter remove the already entered number which you added that as the test value on the phone number input and then in there add phone number input from magic text. Same for alert. But I see in your screenshot you have the alert input which means you already did that!

Then once the test is successful click DONE and then you will see two inputs as alert and number and then for the alert field add Other components > drop down ( your alert drop down name ) > name ( the property where the alerts are stored in the collection that connected to the drop down ). And for the number field add current user > number. And then click done and test the app!

I follow what have posted however, If I select current user is the sms going to be sent to the user that is trying to send the alert or does the that mean it will go to the user associated with the phone number via the license plate input?

The sms should go to the user’s phone number that has that entered license plate .

Hope I understood you correctly!

Yes that is correct. It is late now… I will got this all done tomorrow. Thanks again for the great support

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