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Good morning, I have read and reread your instructions more than a few times. Forgive me if I am confused a little. In you fist paragraph you say “inside the list and not in the list” I a sure you know what that means but I am a bit confused by it. What is the difference between in the list and inside the list. I currently have my list associated with the button on my app. Are you saying create a new button? thanks my friend

Sorry for the confusion!

I mean add the action to the button and not to the list :

Great, that helped. I am now editing the action. Per you instructions is seems like there would be two to parameters?

Now remove the number from to param’s value and add that New Input in to the to param’s value from magic text! ( magical T )

Also you can give a better name for the New Input like Phone Number :wink:

I believe you already did this for message param? Adding the Alert input there?

I ran test request and received success false

Does that number is valid and formatted correctly?

Maybe try changing the type to text in the Phone Number input?

Because I see that in the docs it’s String :

That was my twillio number. I changed it to my cell number and it worked. I also changed input to number format and it still worked

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I am trying to test in app now and nothing happens when clicking on the button Here is preview link Road Sam

It seems like there is no actions added to the button. Can you add some screenshots?

After discussing this issue with Steve privately and checking he’s app the issue is that he has added a action to another button. In the list he has added two buttons and he added the action to the invisible button. And the other issue is he didn’t add alert input in the message param so the already added message is sending every time. And he said it’s working and all issues are solved! Maybe he can confirm again here?

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All issues are confirmed resolved. Very happy and excited Adalo customer!!!


Hello @shonesto,

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@dilon_perera thank you very much for the help!

The Abracadalo Team

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