Custom Actions ignore properties having value "false" in outputs

Hey there!

I was implementing an API call thanks to Custom Actions and came across this : if there is a boolean property with the value false in the API output, it’s not shown in the outputs properties. Boolean properties with value true do are shown.

I’ve setup a dummy API to reproduce it :

  "id": "1",
  "true_property": true,
  "false_property": false,
  "null_property": null

where true_property is always true, false_property is always false and null_property is always null.

Steps to reproduce

Actual behaviour

  • The property false_property is not shown in the outputs
  • If you look at the full response, the property is there

Expected behaviour

  • The property false_property should be in the outputs


We see that null values are also ignored. In my opinion, it looks like a typical problem of truthiness check in the implementation:

if (output[property]) {

instead of

if (output[property] !== null) {

Could you look into it? Would be happy to help if needed.

Best regards!

Thanks for a detailed submission. I will reproduce it on my end then forward it on to the team!

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