Custom Actions's response not visibile in subsequent "create" actions

I’m having an issue with Custom Actions.

I’ve created a custom action that calls a webhook and receives a response. While setting up the custom action, the JSON response gets parsed correctly. Even from my backend I cant see that the response is correctly sent.

For my understanding I can only use the response as a Magic Value in a Create, Update or delete action. Even if I create a “create” action though, the I cannot see the option of my first custom action (the one with the return) in the list.

Am I missing something?

Have you added each item you need to use? On the ‘success’ page of custom action, you can add the fields from the json response. Only these will be available for use as magic text.

It normally parses them, but if over a certain number of fields maybe it doesn’t.

hey @Rozza thanks for the reply. Yes the JSON has been parsed automatically in the ‘success’ page and the field is there. That’s why I’d expect it work :smiling_face_with_tear:

Ah sorry I have just seen. You are doing this on a screen action. In the back of my mind I think that won’t work.

If you do it on a button it should work.

Can you do it on the button taking you to that screen? Or can you put it on a countdown timer instead of screen load.

Hope that is helpful.

Mmm it doesn’t work even if I try it on a button but it won’t make sense in my use case anyone. And the countdown instead of waiting for a promise sounds like too much reliable.

Thanks a lot for the answers though @Rozza! Is there a way to talk to support?

It has been this way for a long time so I doubt it will be changed anytime soon. There could be a reason why they don’t run then - I suppose it could be because the custom action response time is unknown, so it could make the page hang a long time in loading.

Good luck :+1:

that’s odd given that Adalo could just add a timeout to the request in case it would take too long to resolve. Anyhow I’ll contact the support and see what they say :wink:

Sorry I gave my response based on the page load action, I have no explanation for why the items are not available if the action us run on a button.