Custom app settings

Hi, is there any way to achieve something like general app settings with variables which can be referenced on various screens?

In my case, I want to send a notification to all users with a lower app version number than the current one, but I don’t want to handle the current app version number in different places (currently, I have to change it in three places when I release a new App).

This would also be useful for default values in forms where relationships of collections are used. i.e. when a new item is created, a relational field is pre-filled with a default item from the settings and can then be changed by the user.

Update @Flawless I missed your reply and now the topic is closed so I have to edit my post in order to add to this.

The question was not about how to send the notification about the app version to all users (which I already managed) but how to store general settings or global variables.

on another note: how do you detect the user’s device in order to direct them to the proper app store?

Hey there @silentdrummer

This is possible with a button action and filtering your users.

Like this:

The “update available” screen has a link that detects the user’s device and directs them to the proper app store.

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