Custom cards overlap on Preview


I have a basic 2 column custom card list. It looks good in the designer.

But in the Preview they look on top of each other. I am not able to make it look good.

Can you help?

You would probably be better off using a custom list for this.

Hi, it is a custom list.

Hello @alexisc67,

I had this issue before and the only solution I found was deleting the custom list and creating a new one.

Let me know if you find a different fix for this.

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Hi Willian,

I will try that.


Sorry I thought you said it was a card list.

Make sure all of your text lines stay within the list and the ones that need to be multi-line make sure those are selected as multi-line as well.

Ok. I will give these suggestion a try.

Hi Alexis,

Welcome to the community :partying_face:

Here’s mine looks like.

The setup :


Preview :

Thank you


Re-creating the list works better. It seems it is better to set the dimensions from the beginning before you make it a Custom List.

I still have a cosmetic issue. I want to make the cards of fixed size, even if the text boxes inside are multiline. I am not ale to make it work.

So, I end with something like this, but I want all the boxes to be of the same size, no matter the inside content.