Custom Component Developer

Hey, I need a payment component built for any of the following services:

  1. Razorpay
  2. Instamojo
  3. PayuBiz
  4. Stripe with OTP options for India

Every service above has their own library of codes and documents which can help out.
Please PM me to discuss this further.
Thank you

I can’t help you make these components, but there are some talented developers here who can and i’m sure they will reach out to you.

Just wanted to say to note that once you integrate these 3rd party payment systems into your app, you will no longer be able to upload your app to the Apple app store. I’m sure you are aware of that, but just in case you arent I wanted to let you know.

That’s unusual. Why wouldn’t I be able to upload it to the app store?

Apple does not allow you to have 3rd party payment gateways on your app (from my knowledge). You have to make all purchases directly through their in app purchases.

You may be able to use a solution like this that @TKOTC came up with but I dont know that it can integrate with those specific payment vendors:

@aryan @Bobby Apple allow you to use 3rd party payment systems for physical products, like books, sportswear, clothing, whatever else that’s physical that can be purchased from the App - there are other exceptions like for universities, schools and education. For example Amazon App, Deliveroo App, Domino’s, Just Eat etc etc. Again physical products.

You cannot however use 3rd party payment systems for Digital Purchases (and you must use Apple iAp) this includes things like, fitness plans, coaching plans, health plans, unlock a feature, unlock a tab or button etc etc. For the hassle of avoiding iAp systems (like Netflix payment model not accepting payments via the app, but expecting you to sign up via their website and then use the App to login is allowed). But you cannot in any shape or form tell your customers to sign up on your website using PayPal, or stripe or whatever else (including via email) this violates Apple T&C’s and your Developer account could be suspended and extremely unlikely that your app will pass their checking process. I have however used the Netflix model and released apps on this basis, and they failed (accepted by Apple but failed financially) due to the inability to direct the customer accordingly.

Apple have a lot guidance on this, and recently dropped their % and in my own experience the impulse buy with finger scanning with Google Pay and Apple Pay is worth their % as well as their secure payment system where PayPal and Stripe can have issues if not very will set up in your component along with emails systems etc.


Thank you for clarifying. I should have been much more clear in my response, yes my response was intended for digital purchase only.

Thank You! I’m intending to use the 3rd Party Payment System for physical goods so shouldn’t be a problem there.