Custom Domain/DNS problem

Hi Im very happy to be adalo membership and very satisfied
I finally finished creating my apps


My customs domain is not working
i finished set up DNS with godday
and its seems ok

DNS is already propagated…

I followed the instruction
but the test set up is keep loading
Please help me what should do?

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Hey @taka, can you just tell me what your domain is? Is it “”?

my domain name is

ok perfect so what you will need to is set up a sub domain. This can be anything. a common one would be

In your DNS settings change Name: to Name: app pointing still to

After this is complete go to your Adalo setting and type out the full domain… in this case:

Once you test it it should work! Let me know if this fixes the issue you are having!

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Thank you i try
when i typed subdomain
it show up like this

Thank you
after changed
in DNS
Test could successfully done

ok great!! I am glad I could help!!

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Thank you so much for your help
Im really appreciate from my heart
from today i can go forward my first step

Best regards

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Hi Jacob how are you
I have one more question
is there anyway to make URL
instead of

Thank you

I am doing well! How are you?

Yes you sure can! In your domains DNS setting you will already have a CNAME www pointing to @. Just simply change @ to and then complete the steps in your Adalo app setting to add the new domain,

then you can open your apps publish settings and select your new domain!

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