Custom filter compare two columns in a collection

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I want to compare two columns in collection: 1) the maximum number of subscribers, and b) the COUNT of subscribers (how many subscribers are in the “subscribers” column.

The Filter won’t let me do that for some reason that I don’t understand. I can get either the one column or the other in the first part of the filter, but neither after the comparator.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks!

What do you mean by the ‘maximum number of subscribers’? This sounds the same as a subscriber count. Could you explain a bit more what you mean. Thanks

Well, in a single record in my “Task” collection, I have “Subscribers”, which are the accumulated users who subscribe to the task (in my case). I can count those. Then I have “Number of subscribers required”, which is a type “Number”, which states how many Subscribers are required in order to carry out the task. My filter should allow the task to be displayed in the list as long as the required number of subscribers has not yet been reached. When the number of subscribers has been reached, the task should no longer display in the list.
The Problem is, that I can select EITHER the “Current Task Subscribers count” OR the “Number of Subscribers required” column in the first part of the filter. Then comes the comparator. BUT I CANT SELECT EITHER after the comparator. I cannot do “Number of Subscribers is not equal to the number of subscribers required”.

In a nutshell, there doesn‘t seem to be any information about the CURRENT TASK available in the second part of the filter. So I can‘t compare one column of the current task with a different column of the current task. That is the problem.

Does that describe the problem adequately?

Many thanks!!

Thanks for the explanation. An easy way to do this would be to add an action to control the subscribers number. So, when someone subscribes, update record ‘number of subscribers required -1’, and set an action for when a subscriber unsubscribes to the same but +1.

This would then mean you only need to filter your list based on ‘if number of subscribers is greater than 0’.

Would this solution work for you do you think?

Thank you for that idea! I think it would work and will try it!

The question still remains: why am I not able to filter as described above?

Many thanks again!

What you need to do is make the change at the ‘current task’ level in the list itself. I have just tested and it works. So select and group everything in the list field…


Then set the visibility of the group as follows…

And voila, the field is hidden if the count of subscribers is more than the number of subscribers.

If any of my solutions have worked for you then please mark as the solution, if not then feel free to ask another question.


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Hey Craig,

many thanks for your help. Your first solution worked, and I learned a great way to tackle this problem with your second solution. So thank you very much for that!

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…where do I find the button for marking as a solution?

The option seems to be missing but no worries, glad it is working for you :slight_smile: