Custom list help


Anybody can give me a hint.

I have database with Text field where i store date of input.
For example 08.01 two times , 09.01 one time and 06.01 one time.

I have custom list with rectangle and text in it.
How can i make this list create only those amount of rectangles based on how many different dates i have, and how can i make text count how many dates there was.

I mean in result i have to have three rectangles each for 08.01 , 09.01 and 06.01 but 08.01 will have number 2 inside and 09.01 and 06.01 only 1 ?

I have a will to learn myself how to do it… but i need a hint - where to dig.

So far this list creates rectangle for everysingle entry of my database :frowning:

Hi @Vitiniel,
In your case you have 1 line 1 record. What I would advise is following:

1 - Database with the history - So the original one you have
2 - A database with totals - So whenever you add a registry with a new line in DB 1 you update DB 2 with the totals.

Not sure if there is any other member with any other idea but DB do not allow grouping, so this is the way I have achieved this so far.

Thanks for you answer, but i still can’t get it :frowning:
As i understand there is no way to check existence of content in database?

Like If 09.01 already exists in DB 2 then add counter +1 to the column of this date.
If 10.01 not exists - create new row for this date.

Update: i found option to make it happen sometimes, but can’t get along how to set conditions for example

DB 2 adds a new line sometimes when DB 2 does not contain - and here is a void… cause i can’t put there Current Time ( Date)… i can put only manual text and that’s all :frowning:

Hi @Vitiniel,
did you manage to achieve this? I will try to make a video during the weekend.

no :frowning: sadly but no :frowning: Would be cool to have a tutorial

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