Custom list filtering

I made Order history screen , in that I wanted to show all the orders a user placed. I have grouped the orders by date and made a custom action action that if down arrow is clicked the nested list appears which has all the orders that were placed on that particular day.

Now the problem is that if I have 2 orders on a particular date, instead of just showing one date tab its showing 2 tabs containing same data(shown in ss).

So basically if a date has "nā€™ orders it will just duplicate the date tabs ā€˜nā€™ times .
I cannot find a way to filter the main list in such a way that a date tab appears only one time no matter how many orders a date has.

Please help :smile:

Hi, i guess that you have to put 2 conditional action when creating an order. When an user create an order, if the orders list - contains (from date picker) - current order date - jump him to an edit section, where he can update that specific order Infos (such as quantity and add items). Viceversa, if the order list - does not contain - current order date - create a new order with the new date.
Maybe should work :slightly_smiling_face:

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