Custom List Image Zoom IN or Zoom Out

When we add image in custom list. is this possible to zoom in or zoom out the image. when I am checking it on the phone I can’t zoom it or zoom out by touching it on phone as we do it for other images.

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Could be wrong. I just tried with the web app; I could not zoom.
I doubt it, but perhaps on the native app.

The only work-around I can think of at the moment, would be:

  1. create a duplicate of the image, zoom-in / crop
  2. link it, as a separate image; to make it appear like you’re zooming in; perhaps using a modal screen

This way also doesn’t work.
I tried with the web external link and giving the url(Magic Text) to the same image then it takes me to the external webpage where I can zoom in and out , but want to do on same screen, which is not working.

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gotcha. yea, bummer. I am trying to do the same when tapping a link to call / text someone. I wish it would just popup the confirmation, with phone number, from the bottom, like normal. Instead, it opens up a new window (a little strange for the end user)

Interested in knowing if there is a solution to your issue or mine; about completing tasks on the same screen. Be interested to know if there is a solution for you.

I didn’t try it yet but pragmaflow have a Pinch/Pan/Zoom image component.


Thanks for sharing this info, can you send me a video link where I can see how to add these component in our library


Thank You Very Much
Added the Component

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