Zoom/Enlarge Image

Is there any way to make an image ‘zoomable/draggable’ by pinching/stretching/dragging? It’s pretty standard UI, but in Adalo the images seems fixed.

If not, any ideas/workarounds?


You might be able to achieve this by making clicking on the image link to the file itself as an external url.

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Worked. Thanks @Ben!

i didnt know how to do this, can u help me please?

@KenanDada Can you share more info about what you need help with?

But how can user zoom the image with two fingers like in instagram


  1. On the image, click ‘add action’
  2. Choose Link > Website…
  3. Click on Magic link and select Current-item > URL

I did this, when I click image nothing happens…

I don’t to redirect user a webpage for just image zooming.

I think we need this feature in Adalo: https://ideas.adalo.com/feature-requests/p/preview-image-on-click

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I tried that solution but I am not getting the option of Current Item URL

  1. On the image, click ‘add action’
  2. Choose Link > Website…
  3. Click on Magic link and when I tried and find the image for the current item each of them just has the option of “Count”

I am very new to this, only started actually trying a week ago. I have a very large Bubble App so no-code is not new to me, but I can not work out how to create a lightbox affect.

I even tried creating a separate page that could open in Modal format to view the image, but I can’t even get that work.

The image is based on current hazard/primary image

Thank you in advance.

From what I can see your data is not available on that page. It shows what screen it’s missing form. Data typically comes from a list so you might set up a component on the screen (nav menu 2) as a list of the data you need for the image and then it should be available on that next screen.

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Thanks Ashley, I will give that a try today :grinning:

Buenisimo, yo vine con la duda y resolvió mi problema. Gracias!!!

Ok so that allows you to zoom an image.

How do you return the zoomed image? That is, how do you return the cropped image?

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Yes, even I want the same