Link to picture in order to pinch, zoom etc

Hi there,

As described in an earlier post, the only way to be able to pinch/zoom etc. in pictures is to link to it in a weblink. I am currently using Adalos own database system, is there a way to combine this with an image storing system (maybe Airbase?) Or is there an alternative way.

I thought about making a custom action to when a user uploads a picture to the app, it would automatic forward and upload this picture to an image storage provider - and then I would (manually I guess) copy the direct link to the picture into a action when picture is pressed.
Hopes it makes sense.

Any ideas and suggestions are more than welcome



Earlier post on this topic was sufficient to make this work (link to own url). tried two different combinations - first with Air Table and then with Adalo - both works just fine. So I decided to stay with Adalo native database.