Custom List Items Shifting

Hey everyone. I built this custom list that displays listings and the little SOLD text in the corner is only visible when the items is marked as sold. But now when I preview the list, only the listings with the SOLD text stay as they should. The rest kind of shift in height. I’ve tried grouping, resizing, adding a rectangles, disabling masonry but no luck. Can anyone please help with this?

Did you enabled the Mansory layout, check this option first under EDIT STYLE section. If it’s on then turn off & then preview

Yeah I tried turning it off, still the same unfortunately.

So instead of using the SOLD text on image, use it below the image with black text or if you want to use on image then set under rectangle (don’t forget to group them), maybe it’ll help in sizing issue.

Unfortunately that didn’t work either. Still can’t figure out what it is :frowning:

You may try disable “Multiline” in Edit Styles and ensure your textbox (SOLD) is not towards the edge of the image on both sides.