Custom list scrolling with map

Hello! I am trying to develop a really interesting but difficult feature in the map screen.
I have different markers (pontentilly tens in a few km radius) and I would like to display a list with only the record that the user selected using the map’s marker.
Like in the most famous app like the fork, like in the video, without adding a new sceen for example.
Thank you!

Hi @Filli,

You can add a input in your screen and name it like clicked location and in your map click actions area add a change input value action and fill that with a property that can filter. Like Name,ID.

Then you can add a list on the bottom of your screen and filter the list by that input. Like you have filled the change input value action by id and in the list add a filter that id > is equal to > Other components > clicked location ( input name ). And set the maximum number of items section to 1.

And in the list edit styles set the fixed type to bottom. : Item on bottom of the map.mp4 - Google Drive

Not sure about the auto scrolling! That may need a custom component or a feature added by Adalo.

But just tested with the Horizontal List and it’s kind of scrolling : Kind of scrolling.mp4 - Google Drive

Thank you

Thank you a lot @dilon_perera, fantastic!
Thanks for the attention and the great support!

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