Update info on same screen when clicking maps markers?

I know it’s possible to link to a new screen, but can you update info on same screen?

I’m creating an app for a food guide & would be very useful - please see attached screenshot.

What info are you wanting to update on that screen and how?

The custom list beneath the app is a lift of restaurants. I would like it to display restaurant information that is clicked on the map, rather than just display all restaurants.

Hey did you ever get a resolution to this?

The way to do this would be to have a hidden text input on your screen somewhere.
Then, set an action on whatever the user is clicking on to update the input value to have the name of that item.
Finally, set a filter on your list so that the list item name equals the value of the hidden input.

hello please i just started using Adalo but i cant find the media button when the title, subtitle etc pops up
please can anyone help me with that please