Map Maximum Items + Filter - Item limits before filtering?

So I have spent the evening playing with the map settings, and I seem to have got everything working well, except one hitch, which seems problematic.

Adalo seems to limit Maximum amount of items on map, before filtering (using my drop down category input).

So say out of 3 address/map points A, B & C - A & B is closest and C is removed as max 2 items on map. But B is filtered down using my input, it will only show point A currently. But I want it to first filter, so A & C would remain from filter, B filtered out, prior to limting points by distance from user, and so A & C would show as that is still equal/below max 2 limit.

I hope that makes sense. Any work arounds for this?

Otherwise I will need to put point limits unlimited, and only filter by category, showing appropriate points globally, and not just close to user. :zipper_mouth_face:

Many thanks for any ideas.

OK - I have narrowed this down.

The issue here is map reload.

If you change category, e.g. filter option. It reloads the map.

If you change location e.g. Sorting. It does not reload the map.

I have tried exiting/entering the screen, turning on auto map refresh. All these things do not work to get map to refresh when new location. Only by changing category (filter option).

Maybe a custom API to reload the map?

I’ve set this up as two separate screens now, and trying to save the location to user on first screen. It is acting strange.

It loads the second selected address, the third time you go in to maps, the third address the fourth time. Lagging by one full rotation of screens, if you count address, map button, then map screen, then back button as one rotation.

So it is refreshing, but updating it’s location only when pressing back button?

Okay here is the solution after trying many many things, including old youtube videos that no longer work with the updates/improvements of location/address finding in Adalo.

  1. Create a button next to location input,
  2. Create action - Updates a new property in user from location input.
  3. Set map to refresh on update of database.
  4. Create action - Make the button link to a blank screen, use transition None.
  5. On blank screen, select it, action on viewing, link back to map, with transition None.

(The map should update its markers from location input, not database. So it is not important if user is logged in or not.)