Custom list with 3 images leaves empty space if entry only 2 images

I made a custom list with 3 entries in each: 1st magic text, 1st image, 2nd magic text, 2nd image, 3rd magic text, 3rd image. This works well in all of the entries that has three texts and three images.

The problem is when something only has two images in it, i simply don’t need more for that entry.
The custom list then leave a huge hole down to the next content - which is not in the list but a static “go back” button. I’ve set the “If there’s no image…” to “show nothing” but that did not change anything.

How do i make the list entry “stop” when there’s no more content, and not leave huge gaps on the page?

Group the image and txt and hide the group if 3rd magix text is empty? I’m not entirely sure this will work. Make sure all your alignment to the next object is good, you might need to use some blank rectangles to connect the elements.

Or change your setup to a relationship of images. And display a nested list of those instead.